November 14, 2011

Milk Propaganda

It’s not my opinion, it’s fact! 

I’m talking about pretentious arseholes. You know, those idiots who seem to be in every public online forum who think they know it all?  Don't you wish you could just reach out through your computer monitor and smack the shit out of them?  Well, that's before you realize these people are brain-diseased uck-futz. Then you just can't help but feel sorry for them. Imagine going through life believing everything the mainstream media, and money mongering corporations tell you to believe?  Never thinking for yourself, always riding on the verbal regurgitation of what others tell you, not so much a life at all, is it?

For example, every single one of the
milk industries propaganda commercials. Do you really think dairy cows are happy? 

First of all, the cows are raped! Yes, I went there. These animals are raped, forced to become pregnant, because cows just can't produce milk without becoming pregnant. Just like, well.. every mammal. Then a short time after they give birth, their calves are taken from them. The calves do not have a happy ending, they are killed a few weeks later to make veal, but that's another subject I'll delve into in another blog.. The short, terrifying life and death of a veal calf... 

Back to dairy cows, and the lying, profit driven dairy industry. Okay, so these cows are raped, their babies are taken from them, they are kept in dark, cramped stalls their entire lives. Did you really think they kept them in lush, green fields? They are constantly producing milk, milk that is meant to feed the babies that they were forced to reproduce, and all for that two gallon jug you have sitting in your refrigerator right now. The dairy industry rapes mothers, and steals milk from babies, to sell to you. In essence, you are receiving stolen property, and are just as guilty for the continued suffering, and death, as the blood sucking dairy industry is. Without your consumer monies, the dairy industry would cease to function as we know it. 

Think about what you're drinking next time you pour yourself a tall glass of milk. Milk contains traces of:

  • Puss
  • Blood
  • Painkillers 
  • Antibiotics
  • Growth Hormones
  • Antiseptics
  • And much Worse 

Check out a 
breakdown of the multi-chemical soup you're actually drinking when you consume milk.

Those dairy cows who produce your milk, well, they don't have a happy ending either. Their fate will be the same as their calves. After about five years of continuous pregnancy, and producing milk everyday, the ol' dairy cow is slaughtered. Take a look:

Did you know that human beings are the only species that consumes milk after childhood? Yep, the strange critters that we are. We also have the capacity to feel compassion, and empathy. So you, yes you! Human being sitting there reading this blog right now, have some empathy for these mothers and their children, don't drink milk! It really doesn't do a body good.

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